By processing the blast furnace slag, we produce a selection of secondary raw materials that are afterwards available for sale. These materials include building materials as well as similar materials that can be further processed. Our product range covers various grain size fractions. To visualise this, you will find a few examples of the grain sizes currently produced by us below. Further grain size fractions according to your individual requirements are possible on request

Grain sizes 0/8 ; 0/11 ; 0/45

The grit fractions 0/8, 0/11 and 0/45 are each independent intermediate products with different properties, specifications and areas of application. The 0/8 is used, for example, for paving mixtures, while the 0/11 is used for blasting abrasive production and the 0/45 is used in the roadbed sector.

Grain size 11/22

The blast furnace slag with a grain size of 11/22 is mainly used in asphalt mixtures.
Due to its technical properties, it is particularly suitable for road and also path construction. This intermediate product is characterised by a long service life, high bearing capacity, frost and heat resistance as well as a good grip.

Grain size 22/32

Our 22/32 grain fraction is often used in concrete mixes. The processed slag is a versatile substitute building material for natural stone, which means that a wide variety of natural resources can be preserved. Therefore, the use of slag in the construction industry is also a good contribution to environmental protection.